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ISO 14001:2015 Certification

What is ISO 14001 (EMS)?
ISO 14001 (Environmental management systems) provide a framework for managing environmental responsibilities and understanding the businesses total environmental impact. It helps organizations to minimize the harmful effects caused by their activities on the environment and enable them to continually improve on their environmental performance. Organizations of all kinds are increasingly concerned with achieving and demonstrating sound environmental performance by controlling the impacts of their activities, products and services on the environment.

Environmental management means systematic approach to environmental protection in all aspects of business activities throughout which the organizations integrate an environmental maintenance to the business policy and also to the everyday activity. The ISO 14000 standards are practical tools for implementing a strategic approach that can bring return on investment in environment-related measures.

The systematic ISO 14001 approach requires the organization to take a hard look at all areas where its activities have an environmental impact

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Requirements of ISO 14001?
a) Establish an appropriate environmental policy.
b) Indentify environmental aspects and impacts.
c) Identify priorities and set appropriate environmental objectives and targets.
d) Identify applicable legal requirements and other requirements applicable.
e) Be capable of adapting to changing circumstances.
f) Establish structure and programme(s) to implement the policy & achieve objectives.
g) Facilitate planning, control, monitoring, preventive and corrective actions & auditing activities.

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How to get ISO Certificate?
a) ISO 14001 Document Review
b) ISO 14001 Pre-assessment
c) Preparing for the Actual ISO 14001 Audit
d) ISO 14001 Initial Assessment: Stage 2
e) Issuance of certificate

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Who can apply for ISO 14001?
Any organization willing to show its environmental concern and willing to control its enviromental aspects, can apply for ISO 14001 certification.

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